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As a new mom, it’s normal to be nervous and scared to do things for our baby. After all, taking care of a tiny human being is a huge responsibility that often brings us to the edge of the mountain. Undoubtedly, being new to this job could make us overdo little things that lead us to overcomplicate some of the items. But let’s be honest, new moms make some fun, silly mistakes like the following: 

  1. Get validation from the book

As first-time moms, we often rely on well-researched books when taking care of our little ones. It makes us knowledgeable and gives us some guidance on what we can expect from our fast-growing baby. Unfortunately, however, many new moms tend to overly depend on parenting books that could overshadow reality and mom’s intuition. It becomes a silly moment when a new mom starts to insist on what she has read in the book rather than adjusting to the actual needs. 

So if you’re a bookworm, here’s my advice for you:

It’s OK to read books to be informed. But don’t ever let the book rule your intuition as a mother. Remember, life isn’t black and white. You, your baby, and your lifestyle are unique. 

For the first few weeks and a few months, many things can happen to our baby. Those are the times our baby is most vulnerable. As new moms, we’re scared like crazy to make mistakes that could put our baby’s life in danger. Some of us can’t even sleep a wink in the first few nights of our baby at home. It becomes silly when a new mom starts to check the baby breathing every five minutes during the night and most especially when the baby has started sleeping through the night. You might ask yourself, “who’s clingier? Mom or baby?”

If you’re one of the many who does check your baby’s breathing during the night, here’s what I want to say: 

It’s OK; I do that too. However, we have to learn how to trust ourselves and our baby that everything will be OK. Your rest and baby’s rest are essential during the night. So let’s not get paranoid and trust the process. 

Since it’s our first baby, we want the best and the most innovative items available in the market. First, of course, to make our baby’s life more fun and our motherhood journey a little manageable. However, it becomes silly when a new mom becomes so gullible and starts buying all celebrity-endorsed baby items online. We thought we needed it or the baby needed it. But at the end of the day, we found ourselves looking at the things we purchased in our storage room because the baby outgrew it so fast. 

So just a friendly reminder: shop less, shop wisely. Your baby only needs you. 

There’s no doubt that our baby is the extension of our body and, sometimes, emotions. We become a Mama Bear who’s protective and defensive to our baby. As a new mom, being overly sensitive is common, especially towards things that significantly affect our baby. However, it becomes silly when a new mom starts to cry when the baby starts crying after getting vaccinated. Now, who’s the biggest baby?

Advice for a new mom: Be strong, momshie, you got this. 

It’s reasonably common to worry about things, especially when we know nothing about them. After all, we are new in this job of motherhood. However, it becomes silly when a new mom starts to panic when a baby begins drooling like a river. 

Here’s a motherhood tip for you: Get yourself together and enjoy every little change happening in your baby’s life. Not everything is terrible, you know? 

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