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Go Momshie Book

How Go Momshie helps you on your Motherhood Journey

No matter how old you are or how many kids you have, becoming a Mother whether for the first time or the fifth time takes you on a journey of self discovery, growth and often discomfort.

When a baby is born, a Mother is also born and we can never go back to being the person we were before we became a Mother.

Go Momshie helps you to navigate the journey from woman to Mother without losing who you are at the core. You can still be a successful entrepreneur, loving partner, great friend at the same time as being an amazing mom.

As the book explains, there is no right way of being a Mom…only your way of being a mom.

The insights from Victoria help you to develop the confidence to build your family in your own way, ignoring the constant chatter of unsolicited advice that often comes with Motherhood.

Laugh, cry and learn your way to confident, happy Motherhood with Victoria Dang through the Go Momshie book and podcast.


Book Reviews

“As a mom to my beautiful daughter, Maya, I know what a special role motherhood is, especially for first time moms. In her book, Victoria guides us to following our intuition through a step by step process with helpful practices, anecdotes and valuable tips to make it easier to get through our toughest days. This book is a must read! A companion, and a legacy piece for mothers across the globe.”

Natalie Glebova

Natalie Glebova

Miss Universe 2005, Author “I AM WINNING”, Self-love & Mindfulness Coach


“I love Victoria’s Go Momshie blogs and now this book! Go Momshie offers a whole new perspective for moms. There’s been a huge awakening on how parenting is now, compared to generations ago. Go Momshie opens your eyes to decoding parenthood, while giving the reader updated solutions. This is a must read for mother’s, wives and most importantly women who care for themselves.”

Charm Fernandez

Charm Fernandez

President and CEO Sophistechated Marketing & Developments, Inc. Alberta, Canada

“Go Momshie is a wonderful testament to new moms. Victoria reminds us that perspective and a clear mindset paves the way to a happy, healthy family dynamic and relationship between mothers and their babies. Go Momshie is a must read and is definitely a book that has some little hidden secrets that will surely brighten up your day.”
Pashmina P.

Pashmina P.

Founder and CEO, The Online Author’s Office M.Ed. International Teaching



The Author

As a self-starting entrepreneur, with a Masters in Education in international teaching, and as a first-time mom, I decided to share my authentic stories and wisdom for mothers across the globe. I’m the CEO and founder of gomomshie.com, a platform for moms where they can learn and find support with each other. I firmly believe that being a mother entails a lot of sacrifices, but the role itself should not overshadow your own happiness and identity. I’m a true believer in the power of perspective, and it is with this mindset that I strive to create a consistent world for my child, while bringing clarity on own journey as a new mom.



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“Go Momshie” was created when I was pregnant. I started my brand through writing blogs about my trials and triumphs I experienced during my pregnancy. Through my platform, gomomshie.com, I created a community of global listeners and readers who thrive from uplifting and helping each other succeed. “Momshie” is a term of endearment I use for all mothers across the globe. My desire is to enlighten other women and to empower them because I believe real moms fix each other’s crowns.

Go Momshie Book